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ADC 360 Mail
With so many threats coming at businesses from every direction these day it is paramount to do all one can to stop it. One of the biggest vulnerabilities for any company is email coming in from the outside world. It can be filled with viruses and malware that can bring your operation to its knees. A single click from a crypto message can encrypt all of the files on your network. Here at ADC we are utilizing advance technology provided by Barracuda Networks to thwart those attacks and keep you and your staff safe.  Using ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) Barracuda scans both your incoming and outgoing message to prevent infections from happening. With ADC 360 Email Protection you can feel secure about what you are opening and reading. Benefits of Managed Email Protection Services: Real-time Email monitoring – messages are scanned and either delivered, blocked, or quarantined for review by the end user Compliance – the service allows you to send encrypted messages for free to help maintain your PCI DSS and HIPAA compliance. Reduced Downtime – in a disaster your messages will still be received by Barracuda and held for delivery until your mail server comes back online ADC Solutions partners with Barracuda Networks to deliver its best-of-breed managed email protection service.