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Earn up to $500 and spend it any way you like when you refer a new 360 Managed client to ADC Solutions! If you love what ADC Solutions has done for your business, and know other business professionals who could benefit in the same way, here's your chance to earn an extra $500*. Simply fill out the form telling us who you are, and who you would like to refer to become a new ADC Solutions 360 Managed partner.  We value your business and appreciate your confidence. If your referral becomes a ADC Solutions Managed partner, we'll show our appreciation by giving you up to $500* *Program Details: Referrals are paid after the referred prospect has been an ADC Solutions partner on the ADC 360 ManagedPlan for six months and is in good standing. ADC Solutions must receive your referral notification of the referral prior to them becoming a ADC Solutions Partner. Referring partner needs to have 6 months of invoices paid and be in good standing for referral bonus to be paid. If a referring partner is a new partner, referrals will be paid out after the first 6 months of invoices have been paid and the account is in good standing. The Referral Program is subject to change at any time.  Check this page for updates. All Referrals are subject to final approval by the ADC Solutions President All amounts are in US Dollars. Send us contact information for the referral!
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