ADC Solutions

Happy Customers

“I highly recommend Allan Khalil and his team at ADC Solutions for your IT needs, especially if you are in the Dental field.

Allan has been taking good care of my computer network with integration of the digital equipment that we use in dentistry since before he opened his own company and has been able to do so much more and better. 

He understands the dental profession very well and the specific software that most dental offices utilize for their practice management, imaging, and clinical needs. He is also very good at working with you in regards to your individual budget.

I would give him 4.9999 stars. Nobody is perfect but the one above.”

Dr. Jeff Shadid,


We have been ADC Solutions clients for several years. 

They have always responded promptly to any and all of our support requests and Allan is always happy to help with any questions that I have.

They constantly go above and beyond to help us focus on the business and I never have to worry about anything on the technology side of things.

The entire team is very professional and personable, and my staff and I truly enjoy working with them. I highly recommend ADC Solutions.

Dr. Matthew Guffey,


Allan used to take care of our office and we always had great service and support.

He then left that company and after a few months we noticed that we didn’t get the same service or as quickly as we did before. We also began to have issues that caused our systems to crash often. We were working with Patterson Dental and both came up with the idea to call Allan and ADC.

Allan was able to identify several issues very quickly started the remediation process and within a day or two, we no longer had any issues. 

We are working faster and better than ever before, we’re now HIPAA compliant, and I now consult with Allan on any technical upgrades and hardware decisions.

Things have never been better in terms of our technology and his responsiveness is unmatched! If you care about your office, patients, and being HIPAA compliant, I couldn’t recommend ADC any stronger!

Dr. Damon R. Johnson,


ADC Solutions has done a fantastic job managing our IT and cyber security and they are always going above and beyond for anything that we need. 

Allan and his team streamlined our previous systems, which greatly improved our network speed and the efficiency of our office.  His understanding of what we do and how our office works, has been invaluable and we always talk to him before making any changes in equipment or hardware.

They are always quick to respond when needed, but most issues are prevented thanks to their proactive monitoring behind the scenes.

Great communication and follow-up with ongoing projects as well as intermittent problems!

Anna Peavler

Office Manager

I have been very impressed with their understanding of our specific needs as a health care office in regards to cyber security and HIPAA compliance.

They have a thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations regarding the protection of information, and have set systems in place to safeguard my practice. They allow me and my staff to focus on our patients and the practice, by handling all of our IT issues and keeping us running with their proactive approach.

With the rapid technology changes and threats we all face, I have great comfort in knowing they are protecting my business.

Dr. Phillip Parker,