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ADC 360 Managed Service Contract

The complete managed service offering for Oklahoma

“ADC 360 Managed,” features a cloud-focussed product suite aimed at alleviating and tackling the most common IT issues suffered by small to medium sized businesses. We begin every partnership with a discovery session, where we seek to understand your business, how you operate, and the constraints and commercial realities you face.

We use the information we gather to devise a ‘treatment plan,’ which aims to address the root cause of existing issues and modernise your setup with cost-efficient and fully HIPAA complaint solutions where appropriate.

We’ll insert cost-optimal solutions where they’re likely to yield the greatest benefit, and we’ll consider every solution in the context of the bigger picture, including budgetary constraints and long-term objectives.

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Managed IT with a Dental and Healthcare Focus

We understand the needs of modern businesses in Oklahoma. With the need to balance efficiency, productivity and operational agility with omnipresent regulatory pressures, you need solutions that facilitate seamless data transfer and accessibility whilst also upholding the privacy and security provisions stipulated by HIPAA legislation.

Our managed service offering combines Microsoft’s class leading workplace productivity platforms, with a comprehensive suite of security tools configured for HIPAA compliance and maximum efficacy.

  • Unlimited Remote and Onsite Support During Normal Business Hours

  • Device installation and configuration

  • Virus and Malware Removal with Webroot SecureAnywhere

  • User Account Administration

  • Online Case Management

  • Desktop Optimization, Updating, and Monitoring

  • Advanced Event Log Monitoring

  • Server Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Emergency Services Afterhours (Additonal Charges Apply)


Our managed service offering can be divided into 4 key domains:

Application Delivery

Unlimited remote monitoring and proactive maintenance is the cornerstone of our support. We’ll monitor your servers and endpoints for deficiencies and security vulnerabilities, and apply software updates rigorously to maintain the integrity of your digital realm. We can also virtualize servers and desktops to extend resource access to remote employees, and establish encrypted VPN connections to safeguard data in transit.

Managed Security

A steadfast commitment to watertight cyber security underpins everything we do. We’ll deploy a comprehensive fleet of technical measures and services to safeguard your business’s sensitive data no matter where it resides on your network, including managed firewall protections, network and endpoint antivirus, security policy optimization, email security (including encryption) and dark web monitoring. 

Performance Optimization and Network Monitoring

Through our advanced remote monitoring capabilities we can surveil the health of your network on a continuous basis to ensure optimal performance. We’ll detect and remedy minor issues before they’re able to compromise your network’s stability, and use vulnerability scans to resolve security weaknesses in your architecture.

Service Desk

This is where the administrative ‘heavy lifting’ occurs. From support ticket actioning and inventory management to event management and incident reporting, we’ll perform the administrative tasks needed to satisfy regulatory obligations ensure the smooth running of your infrastructure. Our friendly help desk assistance is backed by a 4 business hour response time guarantee.